Fueling Small Business Success

Celebrating Small Business Month 2024

At U.S. Century Bank, we provide industry-leading banking services for small businesses and their entrepreneurs. We take pride in helping our clients achieve their goals and witnessing their success. That is why we are grateful to have such amazing clients and their inspiring success stories to share.

Miami Healthy Smiles

Jorge Centurion, DDS is the President of Miami Healthy Smiles, a full-spectrum periodontal office. With four doctors and a full staff, they are committed to providing quality care and making their patients feel at ease during dental procedures. Centurion attributes part of his success to his banking relationship with U.S. Century Bank.

According to Centurion, "I wouldn’t be here today if it wasn’t for the banking relationship I have." He chose U.S. Century Bank because of the closeness of the staff and the welcoming atmosphere. "They make you feel like you’re at home," he says. And that feeling is something that he values greatly. "They make me feel welcome all the time," he adds. Watch the Miami Healthy Smiles video here.

Miami Roller Rink

Pam Mostacero and Gabe Colón, co-owners of Miami Roller Rink, had a dream of reviving an iconic Miami roller rink facility. However, they faced many challenges, including getting a loan from a bank. They were guided by U.S. Century Bank on how to make their dream a reality.

"Everyone should roll with U.S. Century Bank," says Mostacero. Thanks to the support and guidance from the bank, they were able to acquire the business. "We now have a small business that we can leave as a legacy to our family," adds Colón. They are excited about the future and value the personal and dedicated service they receive from U.S. Century Bank. "It’s a true one-on-one banking relationship, and that’s meant the world to us as a small business," says Mostacero. Watch the Miami Roller Rink video here.

Provider Network Solutions

Dr. Jose Pelayo is the CEO of Provider Network Solutions, a company that provides specialty risk management services to health plan partners. Pelayo shares that the people at U.S. Century Bank have made a significant difference in his business.

"It’s the people at the bank which make a huge difference and that is why I really enjoy working with U.S. Century Bank," says Pelayo. He values the support and assistance he receives from the bank, especially knowing that they have his back in any situation. "They can help you get there. Try to follow your dreams, and make sure they get fulfilled," he adds. Watch the Provider Network Solution video here.

These are just a few of our amazing clients at U.S. Century Bank. We are proud to have helped them achieve their dreams and be a part of their success. To learn more about these businesses and hear more inspiring stories, visit our YouTube channel


Small Business Administration (SBA)

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