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Business Checking

Business Checking

You work hard to grow your business and you need a checking account that will work for you, providing state of the art technology that simplifies your banking.  A Business Checking account at U.S. Century Bank also comes with personal service that creates a meaningful relationship between you and your banker. 
A convenient and affordable checking solution for businesses with limited transaction activity up to 200 per month at no charge.  

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Designed for those businesses with higher transaction volume, this account applies earnings credit to offset some or all monthly service charges. You don't have to maintain a minimum monthly balance but the money you do have works for you by providing earnings that can offset your monthly service charges.

For non-profit entities or solely-owned businesses, this account offers flexible checking options that pays you interest compounded daily at competitive market rates on your balances. There is a minimum balance requirement to avoid a monthly service charge for this account of $2,500.

At U.S. Century, we understand how important it is to manage both your time and your expenses. A Business Debit Card can help with both offering the convenience of a credit card with the savings of a finance-free option for purchasing. 


We offer a full range of payment options designed to help you increase sales and increase profits. We design your system with your business in mind including the ability to handle credit, debit, EBT and check payments. With a wide range of point-of-sale options and direct payment within 24 to 72 hours, we can help your business grow. With our reporting solutions, we keep you on top of your sales and payment data.

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Note: Merchant Services services offered are in conjunction with a third-party credit card provider, World Pay. 

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We understand how important expense management is to your bottom line. You work hard to manage your business expenses and we have a variety of cards that can help with that! From simple expense management to improving your bottom line with great rewards, U.S. Century Business Credit Card services work as hard as you do to improve your business performance. 

Note: The credit card services offered are in conjunction with a third-party credit card provider, Cards Assets. 

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Century Secure Plus is a U.S. Century Bank service for clients looking to benefit from FDIC insurance on deposit amounts larger than the standard maximum of $250,000. Our ICS® and CDARS® products increase your access to FDIC insurance coverage for your checking, money market and certificate of deposit accounts.  
You will be completely covered through a single banking relationship with us, while earning interest with no additional fees. 


Small Business Administration (SBA)

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