Flamingo Paper & Food Service Products

Paolo Longo, CEO of Flamingo Paper & Food Service Products, states that the support of a strong banking partner is crucial to any company's success. For Flamingo Paper, he says that U.S. Century Bank was the perfect fit. The bank's small business lending options have been instrumental in helping Flamingo Paper reach new heights.

A Culture of Excellence

One of the core values at Flamingo Paper is its culture of excellence. The company strives to provide innovative and high-quality products to its customers, while also promoting a positive work environment for its employees. This dedication to excellence is evident in the products it offers, such as its biodegradable Techno Paper and recycled paper napkins.

Overcoming Challenges: A Team Effort

In business, challenges are inevitable, but how a company handles those challenges can make all the difference. Flamingo Paper faced a significant challenge when it was assigned jobs that no other company wanted to do. However, with the support and dedication of its entire team, including the office staff and production team, it overcame these challenges and delivered for its customers.

A Unique Partnership with U.S. Century Bank

Paolo Longo shares that U.S. Century Bank took the time to understand its business model, challenges, and goals, looking beyond just selling its products. This unique partnership allowed the bank to tailor its small business lending options to fit Flamingo Paper's financial needs, resulting in a winning solution.

U.S. Century Bank's small business lending options provide the necessary financial support for Flamingo Paper to continue their growth and success. From working capital loans to equipment financing, the bank offers a range of options that suit the specific needs of each client helping them to build a strong financial foundation for the future.

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