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Association Banking Services – Products & Services

You will enjoy our full complement of Association Banking Services developed to meet your needs and make it easy for you and your homeowners with state of the art technology. Our “White Glove Treatment” strives to show you just how important we feel you are to us and to the communities we serve together.

  • Remote Capture:  Scan, capture and deposit association dues directly you’re your office without having to travel to banking center.
  • Lockbox services:  USCB provides you with the ability to have homeowners send payments directly to us for processing.
  • Coupons:   When you have your operating account with us, we provide coupons for the monthly/quarterly payments made by the homeowners at no cost to you.
  • ACH:   We also provide ACH debits for your association fees.

Association Banking Services – Lending Solutions

Come to Us for your lending needs and see just how committed we are to providing the right solution for your Association. We recognize that every situation is different and It is our goal to adapt to meet your specific lending needs. With a high multi-million dollar legal lending limit, we have the lending capacity to meet the needs of your community and we provide funding for special projects, amenities purchases, insurance premiums, and general liquidity.

  • Special Project Financing:  When you need to make large capital improvements, we can help with a customized loan to complete the project. Whether your project is regular maintenance like a new roof or an upgrade or renovation such as a new pool, U. S. Century Bank has the right loan solution for you. You can move forward in a timely manner and your owners can pay overtime instead of in one large special assessment payment.

  • Amenities Purchase Financing:  Developers often sell the clubhouse and other recreational facilities to the association once a development has been fully built out. U.S. Century Bank can help you by funding the purchase with a long-term loan. We offer special financing options that don’t require a mortgage on the property, saving you the high cost of appraisals and other fees associated with a commercial mortgage.

  • Insurance Premium Financing:  While many others offer this service, at U. S. Century Bank, we can often provide you with very competitive terms and pricing for your insurance premium financing needs. Give us the opportunity to show how we can often save you money with a customized solution that meets your needs.

  • Liquidity Needs:  We can provide your strong well-managed association with a line of credit to meet your short-term liquidity needs. We can provide an Emergency Line of Credit providing you the ability to borrow immediately in the event of an unforeseen and urgent need for cash, such as an emergency roof repair days after a hurricane.

Let us show you how our “White Glove Service” works with you to meet all your financial needs. Together we make our communities a better place where businesses grow and families prosper!