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US Century Bank Communication

The Board of Directors seeks to ensure open communication with employees and clients of the Bank.

The Directors can be contacted at this Link Emails received at this address will be reviewed by a Director. If your email is a complaint, the complaint will be kept confidential to the fullest extent reasonably practicable within the legitimate needs of the law and any ensuing evaluation or investigation. A complaint may, at the discretion of the person submitting the complaint, be submitted anonymously. Regardless, the complaint must include a means to respond to the complainant. 

If the email is a complaint, then to assist the Bank in the investigation of and response to this complaint, the complaint should be factual, rather than speculative, and contain as much specific information as possible to allow for proper assessment of the matter that is the subject of the complaint.  It is less likely that the Bank will be able to conduct an investigation based on a complaint that contains unspecified wrongdoing or broad allegations without verifiable evidentiary support. 

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